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Volcon Grunt All Electric Off-Road Motorcycle


The Grunt is an innovative, easy-to-operate electric motorcycle that allows people to experience outdoor adventure or get work done in an efficient and fun way. With no gears, no clutch, no gas and no noise the Grunt is easy to ride and enjoy by off-road-enthusiast families, or those completely new to two wheels.

source/image(PrtSc): Volcon ePowersports

Its torquey motor and innovative chassis lets it tackle the toughest terrain and conditions with ease. Work or play in a whole new way with the Volcon Grunt.The Grunt’s unique Volcon motor is designed for torque and efficiency. But while the 60-volt power plant can handle any terrain, the adjustable ride modes make it easy to ride and extremely versatile.

source/image(PrtSc): Volcon ePowersports

The motor and battery are IP67 rated so the motorcycle is ready to tackle any weather. Because off-road speeds are low and trail riding taps into regenerative braking often, the Grunt’s range is amazing.


The Grunt features Volcon’s unique Exo-Arch frame design. The triple-cradle frame and cast-aluminum swingarm are nearly indestructible. This is not a tall, tippy motocross bike, though.

The Grunt’s low seat height makes it easy to maneuver with riders of all heights. The oversize tires add to the suspension’s smooth ride, and they float over surfaces like sand, mud and snow that swallow normal dirt-bike rubber.via: volcon

VIAVolcon ePowersports
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