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Wagon Style Tiny House Built With Reclaimed Materials


This tiny house was originally built to be a canvas-covered bow top wagon but was recently renovated to add insulation in the round walls as well as a metal roof.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The woodwork in this home is absolutely stunning, with a custom standing desk, a curved kitchen counter, a sofa that converts to a bed, handmade windows, and an ornate dutch door. The house was built by Nick

Caravans like this can be quite dark inside since it’s difficult to have windows in a canvas cover. This is another reason why Nick modified the original home to have solid walls so that he could add dormers for extra light.


The house has simple systems: it is heated with an antique wood stove, it’s powered with a 110-volt panel, and water comes from a hose that can be hooked up to the kitchen sink on the outside.////Exploring Alternatives

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