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Watching a Bubble Freezes In The Cold Is Oddly Satisfying (Woow)


You’re never too old to relive your childhood days. This woman recorded a video of a perfectly round soap bubble that she created, which was gently placed onto a pile of snow. Then she sat back and watched an amazing transformation.

image/text credit: Gloria Allwin

Thankfully she recorded it for all of us to enjoy, too.Watch the video below to see this bubble grow stronger and stronger by the minute. Wow, I want to try this!

While it takes some practice, anyone can recreate the jaw-dropping effect at home—so long as “home” happens to be somewhere very, very cold.Go outside when the temperatures are below freezing 32 degrees F. The colder the better.


Allow your bubble solution to cool before blowing bubbles.Find a place outside that is cold and protected from the wind.Blow a bubble and catch it on the bubble wand.Wait. The bubble won’t freeze immediately. Depending on the temperature outside, it may take a few seconds to a few minutes to freeze.When the bubble is frozen, touch it lightly and see what happens.

VIAGloria Allwin
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