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Waya Modular Floating City Of Futuristic Pyramids Concept


Inspired from Maya’s architecture and partly from a Japanese temple, Waya it’s a modular floating city. The modular Waya pyramid can offer different living and entertainment settings, such hotel, shops, spa, gym, bars or cinema for any purpose.

source/image: Jet Capsule

In order to complete the main Waya pyramid, different modules are overlapped on the floating basement, which measures 54 metres x 54 metres in his largest module, extending the surface to about 3000 sqm. The basement holds a large entrance for the boats and the reception to access the rooms, by subdividing his height in ten different floors with a total surface of 6500 sqm, the complete Waya reaches a maximum height of 30 Metres from the waterline./Jet Capsule

source/image: Jet Capsule

Each Waya module can be coupled with a specific floating basement, creating itself another customized floating building.The energy, provided autonomously from solar panels and water turbines, contribute to power with clean energy all the services and systems of the pyramids, including desalinators which are located in the storage under the main level.


In the sub merged part of each floating structure, a large amount of storage space is used for the engines, equipments, generators or additional energy resources.Lazzarini is planning to initialise the building process of Wayaland, while starting a crowdfunding of the smaller two floors module (10m x 10m)./Jet Capsule

Accordingly to the designer, in order to build the first Waya-suite, € 350.000 will be necessary, sum easily available by starting to pre-order the avaliable nights of the year 2022 at € 1000 x night(365 nights = € 365.000) on the website wayaland.

VIA Jet Capsule
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