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What Does The Inside Of a Fuel Filter Look Like After 300,000 Miles?

The fuel filter isn’t a typical part many think about when it comes to their vehicle. It’s just one small component of a vehicle’s fuel system. However, it plays a considerable role and should be looked at more closely. Fuel filters are found on almost every internal combustion engine.

source/image: ChrisFix

Here is a good reason to change your fuel filter. After 300,000 miles on the same fuel filter, I cut it in half so we can see how dirty the filter is and so we can do a flow test! I also check a fuel filter with 130k miles and another with 30k miles to compare the three fuel filters.

The fuel system filter can be located under your car fitted on the gas line. They feature a filter paper inside that removes contaminants from your gasoline.


The fuel filter’s job is to remove pollutants before they make their way to your vehicle’s engine. While it might not look like a big job, it is. The fuel filter can be compared to your car’s air filter.