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What Is Artificial Honey And How Is Made

Honey is a mixture of sugars, mostly fructose and glucose. But honey has particular flavours and properties that come from the flowers and the natural processing the bees do. By just looking packaged honey on the shelves, it is almost impossible to tell whether the honey is fake or real.

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Pure honey is the natural product made by honey bees.Fake honey is generally some honey mixed with other sugar syrups. These syrups come from plants like sugar cane, corn, or rice.Real honey is expensive and provides anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Watch the video from “At Home” for more info:

This Fake honey Tastes almost like real honey. Its great to add to cookies,to sweeten your tea,and if you add it to plain lemonade it will give a great,sweet and refreshing drink.And its much cheaper then real honey.


Honey fraud can take different forms.For instance, by selling cheaper multifloral honey as single source honey at a higher selling point; by adding sugar syrups to increase the volume, or by harvesting it ahead of time and then drying it artificially in large “honey factories”, to cut time and costs. In all cases, the final product is far from what consumers think they’re buying.Artificial honey is the old synonym for invert sugar syrup – a liquid that is produced by chemical methods and has nothing to do with honey bees.