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Wood Carving A 2023 Toyota Camry Scaled-Down Replica


Woodworking Art turns a plain block of wood into a scaled-down replica of a car. Te whole project was completed after 35 consecutive days of working.Since the exterior of the Japanese sedan is characterized by the presence of many curves and small details, the process of creating a wooden copy turned out to be quite painstaking.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

As a result, the artist managed to build an impressive model with functional elements.The front and rear fascias did come with a lot of details, like the meshed grille and other non-straight lines – all of which the artist was able to capture in his work.

The artist picks up a block of wood that matches with the dimensions of the printout the artist had taken earlier.The entire cabin has also been hand-made and is so detailed that it includes a complete dashboard, seats with cross-stitching, and a steering wheel.


He then cuts the wood into three pieces which would be used for making the front, side profile, and rear of the Toyota Camry carving.Other working components include the steering and the suspension, and to accomplish that, a separate chassis piece needed to be made.

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