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Wood Carving Tesla Truck Tesla’s Electric Cybertruck


Tesla’s Electric Cybertruck version 2022 is a uniquely designed, extremely special car of the famous electric car company Tesla. Tesla truck, I got a lot of requests from my audience to make it out of an all-wood version.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

And now I’ve finished it the all-wood 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. In this video, I would like to share the process of making a wooden Tesla Cybertruck to give to my dear audience.

The artist picks up a block of wood that matches with the dimensions of the printout the artist had taken earlier. He then cuts the wood into three pieces which would be used for making the front, side profile, and rear of the Cybertruck carving.


The attention to detail with this creation is spectacular, with almost every single part being made from wood,the entire cabin has also been hand-made and is so detailed that it includes a complete dashboard, seats with cross-stitching, and a steering wheel./Woodworking Art

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