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Wood Carving Toyota Fortuner Legender 2021 Woodworking Art


Toyota Fortuner Legender 2021 has a sporty and impressive appearance. When I saw toyota fortuner legender 2021 review I was really impressed with it.

source/image(PrtSc): Woodworking Art

And I started building this new Toyota Fortuner Legender by wood. As far as I know this car has dimensions of length x width x height, corresponding to 4,795 x 1,855 x 1,835 mm and I made my wooden car with a ratio of 1:12​.

The video has been uploaded by Woodworking Art on YouTube,the artist picks up a block of wood that matches with the dimensions of the printout the artist had taken earlier. He then cuts the wood into three pieces which would be used for making the front, side profile, and rear of the Legender carving.


The model car also features a functioning front and rear suspension. It took me almost a month to build this 2021 Toyota Fortuner Legender. What do you think of Toyota Fortuner Legender version 2021, you must also love it and my wooden car./Woodworking Art

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