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Wood Carving Toyota Fortuner Legender


30 days crafting for a very unique wooden Toyota Fortuner car. The type of wood used, the solid wood panels I carved it by hand and some woodworking tools.The artist had precisely traced the front and rear designs of the SUV on the wood.

image: Woodworking Art

At first he used power tools to get the basic design, but after creating the outline most of the work was just done by hand. Here we have a video that shows an artist carving a full-scale model of the Toyota Fortuner Legender SUV out of wood.

The car has working doors, a tailgate, a hood that opens, an engine bay with an engine, tyres with treads on them and equipped with the same alloy wheels as the actual car.


The artist even copies the design of the alloy wheels and glues them to the wheel. It even has working suspension, both front and rear.The windows are painted black, and tail lamps are painted red in order to make it look slightly more realistic.