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Young Couple’s Beautifully Designed Shuttle Bus Motorhome


Abi and Ethan show us their converted 1997 Ford E-350 Econoline shuttle bus, which has become their tiny house! They were fed up with rising rent and boldly decided to travel while expecting their first child.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

There’s a comfortable and functional living area inside, complete with a plywood countertop that has been flawlessly sealed and covered in layered light cement. Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

A top-loading refrigerator with drawer slides, a vertical cabinet for toiletries, clothing, and books, and a sizable recycled projector screen perfectly squeeze into the main living space. All the necessities, such as a blender, an Instant Pot, and cutting boards, are kept in a sturdy storage drawer.


This bus has a composting toilet and a full shower with a rainfall shower head, making living on the road as comfortable as possible. The bed rises on hydraulic lifts to expose additional storage space. In addition, this bus is equipped with a gasoline engine and 1500 watts of solar power on the top, making it ready for any excursion!

SOURCETiny Home Tours
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