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Young Woman Living In a Van As Full-Time Tiny Home – Van Life


Clarissa has been living full-time in her retro 80’s camper van for 2 years and she’s giving us a full tour of her van, and telling us what she loves and struggles with while living in such a small, mobile home.Clarissa is currently living in a 1983 Dodge Ram Roadtrek II that she bought for $5,000 CAD.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

It has a propane furnace, stovetop and fridge, and she has an auxiliary battery that powers her lights, furnace fan, and water pump. There’s also a porta potti toilet in the closet but there is no shower on board.//Exploring Alternatives

After a few months of traveling in her van across Canada, Clarissa had to settle down in one place to get a job and so she’s currently working two jobs on the West Coast of Canada and she travels on weekends and whenever she has some extra free time.


While living in a van isn’t currently helping her save money because she eats out & goes out quite a bit, she admits that it would be easy to do for someone who has that kind of goal.//Exploring Alternatives