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Airbagged Trailers, The World’s Best Low-Car Trailer For Sport Cars!!


Designed from a “blank sheet”, the unique frame and suspension design has been engineered and optimized to give the widest possible load area and lowest approach angle, which allows almost any car to be loaded without damaging bumpers or under-car components, or needing long ramps or stacks of wood to load on the trailer.via: airbaggedtrailers

source/image(PrtSc): Airbagged Trailers

Airbags (air springs) are the industry standard suspension system for the heavy transport industry, with proven reliability over decades of use in semi-trucks and trailers, trains, and buses.read more: airbaggedtrailers

They also have the benefit of being able to raise and lower the trailer for loading. The spring rate of airbags increases with the load applied to them, which is great for towing, as they are softer when the trailer is empty and stiffer when fully loaded. Airbags can also be found on OEM SUVs and cars, and often on custom vehicles and show cars.



The trailer easily can cary your car,supplies and spare wheels, with 4,400lb payload capacity.The massively wide 84″ load area allows okenty if width for even the widest cars.You can easily and safely load even the lowest cars with an industry-leading loading approach ange of less than 4 degrees.//airbaggedtrailers