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Aircraft VC10 Jet Engine Camper Trailer


As seen on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.Caravan pod built by Steve Jones, using the nacelle from a VC10 aircraft.Recycled jet engine from Vickers VC10 mid-sized British airplane turned into unusual camper trailer.

source/image(PrtSc): James Defty

The VC10 caravan pod was built from scratch by Steve Jones, a British ex-RAF aircraft engineer. The entire construction process is detailed on his Facebook page.

source/image(PrtSc): James Defty

The VC10 Caravan Pod is a 13 feet-long pod with two doors to get in and out, it is equiped with a small but complete kitchen, with a hob, sink, and two gas burners, which sit on a fairly generous cabinet and a skylight to enjoy the view.


There are four beds for his family to sleep in.The engine opening was transformed into a huge window, so the cabin is not in short supply of natural light.The pod opens up to allow for a meal with a view.

The transformation of the nacelle to a travel trailer has been nothing short of extraordinary.Steve Jones spend around 1000 hours to complete this project.The transformation he was able to create is really something special!//more info.

VIAJames Defty
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