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An Intelligent Speed Bump – No More Getting Angry At Speed Bumps!!

No more getting angry at Speed bumps!The Spanish Company Badennova S.L has developed the world´s first liquid speed bump. This intelligent road safety device can hardly be noticed by those drivers respecting the permitted speed.

source/image: BadennovaSL

For those vehicles exceeding a certain speed limit, however, the “liquid” bump hardens and therefore becomes an obstacle.

Under its tough plastic exterior is a fluid that enters a solid state when receiving an impact. The non-Newtonian fluid is also biodegradable and completely harmless to humans. There is also reduced noise in use and no risk of damage to the roadway behind the speed bump from heavy vehicles.


That is why we call it Smart, because it treats drivers differently depending on their speed.When a vehicle drives over the bump at a speed below its rating, the bump deforms so as to minimise the shock.