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How to Escape a Submerged Vehicle – The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle


If you’re ever in a car accident that results in the car sinking, you only have seconds to react and save your life. Here’s what to do.Reaction time and speed are key for survival.A sinking car will not immediately submerge, which means there’s a small window of opportunity to act.

image: diply / source: The Weather Channel

If you were too slow to react, the water pressure could pin your doors and windows shut. That means you’ll have to break a window. Don’t try the car’s front windshield as it’s built to resist impacts.

image/source: The Weather Channel

Instead, go for the side windows. Use your foot and kick at the top of the window or remove the headrest from your seat and jam it where the window meets the door.


You can also use a glass breaking tool like ResQMe to quickly break the window. It can easily be stored in the glove compartment or on your keychain.

If the car is upside down and your seatbelt is locking you in, the tool can even cut you free.After breaking the window, immediately take a deep breath of air and swim out through the rushing water toward safety.