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Meet the Veterinarians Saving Kenya’s Wild Animals


When an animal is in distress in the wild, who you gonna call? In Kenya, Animal Rights Reserved is on the job. The dedicated team of veterinarians and anti-poaching specialists get dispatched across the country to help animals in the wild.

source/image: Great Big Story 

Whether there’s a sick zebra or a lost lion, the team of first responders is there, ready to act. This Unit has been equipped with a custom-designed vehicle and all the necessary equipment including a vaccine refrigerator, dart gun, VHF radios, GPS, camera, binoculars as well as all the medicines required for rapid and effective veterinary response.

Beginning its operations less than a year ago – in March 2012 – it is already saving lives and making a good impact on the wildlife and community around Lake Naivasha and a wide surrounding area of the Great Rift Valley, and as far away as the Maasai Mara.


Now there is a 24-hour mobile veterinary unit ready to help wildlife in distress 24/7. It has been established and works hand-in-hand with the powerful Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) which protects wildlife around the country and strives to resolve human-animal conflicts.