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Patek Philippe Nautilus 5590 Full Hand Engraving Proces!


Bram Ramon was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and is justly recognised for the quality of his hand-engraving on luxury watches and custom jewelry.His voyage in search of “the beautiful line” as Bram prefers to call it, started as a goldsmith engaged in making fine jewellery. In his search for mastery of traditional technique, Bram studied at the famous Liege school, there learning the arts of engraving and ornamental composition.

image/text credit: Bram Ramon

Hand engraved watch Patek Philippe Nautilus 5590 its a unique Swiss piece.The traditional “hand push” process for engraving is done by a combination of burins pressure and manipulating the work-piece under the microscope. Only one will ever be made, so contact us today for the most exclusive Swiss sport watch available in our boutique.

Today, this passion for understanding the fundamentals of fine art and the many techniques of the engraver, as well as countless hours spent in composition, drawing and re-drawing, has resulted in several first prizes and awards.For Bram, engraving is a never ending voyage – an art form, where every cut of the graver is indelible.


Whilst it demands much of the artisan, both mentally and physically, you cannot match the reward of starting with a sketched idea, and evolving it to a finished work that truly reflects your vision.