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Turbo Stool,Elevate Your Bathroom Posture – A Bathroom Must Have for Better Health


FUSION is a height-adjustable toilet stool that helps you squat to poop better and live well.It is simple and intuitive. Sit on the toilet as you normally do. Pull out the FUSION to a comfortable position.

source/image: NadiaLabs Inc.

Adjust the toe-piece height if and as needed, and then gently load your feet and lean forward a bit.After the use store it back under the toilet bowel. Easy enough?

source/image: NadiaLabs Inc.

It’s no rocket science. Sitting creates a natural kink in the colon, to maintain continence. Squatting posture straightens the colon for a clean release. This is just how we are designed. Really.


Thus, sitting on the toilet is no good for constipation, hemorrhoids, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary infections, and many other colon diseases. A simple switch to squatting can have a big impact, and FUSION makes it easier than ever.

Remember the old saying, prevention is better than cure … in this case funner too! You can easily adjust the toe-platform height to suit your height, experience, and taste!Thus, whether you are a beginner who never squatted before, or a pro-squatter, FUSION will serve you well.

VIANadiaLabs Inc.
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