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What Is The Best Sleeping Position? Kevin Wade, Senior Therapist Explains


We all know why sleep is good for you. It’s a no brainer. It relaxes your body, calms your nervous system, regulates your breathing and induces the “ahhh” relaxation response.And most importantly it allows your body some down time to repair itself.The power of restorative rest and sleep is strong and wide reaching.

image/text credit: St. John C.P.T.C

But it’s not just sleep that’s important.HOW you sleep is critical too, because an improper sleeping position can literally cause you pain and suffering?What is the best sleeping position? Kevin Wade talks about side, stomach and back sleeping positions and what is the best position to get rest and prevent pain. He also gives a secret to stop sleeping on your stomach if your are having neck pain.

Here Kevin Wade, Senior Therapist at the St. John Clark Pain Treatment Center talks about stomach, back and side sleeping positions. He explains what the best position is to get a restful night sleep and wake up pain free.Regardless of health benefits, people sleep in the position they find comfiest.


Experimenting with different sleep positions won’t do any harm, so feel free to try each position for a few nights and see which is the best fit. Whether it’s back, side, or stomach, people tend to wake up in the position that their bodies naturally snooze in. Unless a doctor specifically recommends switching, it’s probably best to keep doing what feels right.