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How to Cook an Egg in a Potato Using – Primitive Culture


With all the modern tools currently available to man, tasks are easy to complete. But when nothing is available, it always pays to learn a thing or two from primitive methods.This is an awesome cooking tip.

source/image: Primitive Culture

This how-to video will show you how to cook eggs without having a pan! It’s fun and easy to cook eggs on the road… and without all the heavy equipment.A man demonstrated his remarkable skills when he used a fairly crude way to grill eggs using a potato in this fascinating clip.

The eggs will blend in with the potato and create all kinds of flavor.It’s helpful to not load the very top of your potatoes with so many toppings that you can’t see the egg.


The only way to really know how it’s cooked is to keep an eye on it and touch it for softness after about 20 minutes.This is Video Show about Survival Life in Jungle and Primitive Culture People of Cambodia Create Tools Using Everyday.