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How To Plant And Grow Potatoes In Potato Bags


There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, home-grown potatoes and they’re so easy to grow whatever the size of your garden. You can grow them in the ground, on your patio or even grow them on your balcony! They’re also packed with nutrients – a great source of vitamin C, B6, and Potassium to name just a few. Read on to discover how to grow potatoes.

source/image: Van Meuwen

If you have limited space then try using Potato growing bags.You simply fill the bag one third full with multipurpose compost and work in some slow-release potato fertiliser, before placing your chitted potatoes on the compost.Learn how to grow potatoes the easy way in potato bags on your patio!//vanmeuwen

Cover the potatoes with a further 15cm (6 inch) layer of compost then water them in. Once the shoots reach 25cm (10 inches) tall, top up your potato grow bag with more compost until you reach half way up the stems.You can keep adding compost as your potatoes grow.


This mimics ‘earthing up’ as for potatoes grown in the ground, and prevents potatoes at the surface from turning green and inedible. Growing potatoes in bags reduces the risk of pests and diseases.The best guide to when your potatoes are ready is the number of weeks since planting time – the number of weeks will be stated when you buy your potatoes.