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The MC2 Transforming Electric Multi-Configuration Bike


MC² bike is a revolutionary Multi-Configuration Cycle. Users are able to self-configure the bicycle freely into different modes, in which people will have unique riding experience and a lot of fun.

source/image(PrtSc): MC2

MC² bike has no chain. It simplifies the design and requires no maintenance. MC² bike also features detachable hydraulic brakes for the ease of transforming.

source/image(PrtSc): MC2

MC² bike is suitable for all terrains in a city, indoors or outdoors. More than a fun bike, it’s a positive attitude and joyful lifestyle.


The MC2 bike offers planetary gears and this controls the front drive ratio, along with allowing the rider to coast along.

The bike’s handlebars can be adjusted for the perfect height and they have a quick release for easy dismantling and adjustment. The frame can also be configured to adjust riding position and the wheelbase.The folded size for 26″ bike is 78cm X 58cm X 28cm.The weight of 26″ bike is 14KG.The folded size for 28″ bike is 85cm X 65cm X 28cm.The weight of 28″ bike is 15KG.

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