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Woman Living Fully Off-Grid for 2 Years in a Tiny Yurt


Beige has been living fully off-grid in Canada in her small yurt for over 2 years.She has no electricity, she uses a wood stove for heat, and to cook. Her tiny home can’t be accessed by car so she hauls in all of her spring water, wood, and food on foot.via: Exploring Alternatives

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

We spent a couple of days getting to know Beige and we were inspired by her dedication to live a lifestyle that is in line with her values. She works hard every single day to get her food, water, and wood, in addition to helping out on the farm where her yurt is set up, and working as a nature mentor with local children.read more: Exploring Alternatives

She’s also incredibly curious and fearless when it comes to trying new things and developing new skills that will help her in her off-grid lifestyle. She grows a lot of her own vegetables, and she’s learning about plant medicine – she plants, harvests, and mixes a lot of her own tinctures.


For refrigeration, she has a cooler that sits below the floor so that it touches the ground and stays cool. Her toilet is a hole in the ground outside with a pallet over top of it. She showers at yoga studios in the winter, and she swims in the spring/summer/fall.For light, she uses candles, and she charges her phone in her car on her way to and from work./Exploring Alternatives