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How Mother Dogs Handle Disrespectful Puppies


Moms not only give birth, they nurture them. She thinks of nothing but the welfare of her pups, and her life revolves around caring for them.Puppies are born helpless, so this care is necessary for their survival. Only after this stage comes discipline.

source: pets.. / image: Senza Tempo Cane Corso

Cashmere is disciplining her most dominant female puppy. Notice How She lays the puppy down and puts her in submission posture as a form of discipline. If allowed Cashmere will teach this little female how to be respectful and not to be a bully.

From beginning to eat solid foods to learning just what “too much” is in terms of play fighting with a sibling pup, mother dogs certainly keep their young in line.


During punishment, a puppy may respond by taking on a submissive and vulnerable stance. By doing this, he basically is acknowledging his mother’s higher status.This type of disciplinary technique may just be the lesson he needs to grow up to be a healthy, happy.