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1938 Imperial Model 110 500cc


This New Imperial was made in Great Britain and is a masterpiece. The machine was lovingly restored a few years ago. The engine and transmission unit is one piece and comes from our own production.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

It is equipped with a horizontal Amal carburetor, Lucas lighting set, Lucas speedo and a pillion seat. This New Imperial has papers from Denmark and is ready to ride.

This Engine is fitted with a high compression Piston and high lift Cams, the Valve and Rocker Gear is totally enclosed and positively lubricated, the supply to the Valve Guides being readily controlled by hand.


Rims and Spokes brilliantly Chromium plated, fitted with 27 x 3.0 Ribbed Front and 26 x 3.5 Studded Rear Dunlop Tyres.Twin upswept Exhaust Pipes, fitted with Barrel type Silencers and attractive characteristic fishtails, heavily Chromium plated.